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Ollo! So here I am on Live Journal, and I figured I should post something, haha. :P I've heard about this site in various other places (fanfiction.net and Deviant Art mostly) and wanted to see what all the hype was about, so here I am! I'm looking forward to making new friends with other Megamind enthusiasts and checking out some of these Megamind groups I keep hearing about. Yes, I am a huge Megamind fan! Obsessed would probably be a good word for my addiction to the big-headed blue alien. Oh, but don't worry! Megamind is not my only interest, merely my biggest one! :D

In other news, I'm currently learning 3D modelling in Maya. I haven't gotten to the animation part yet, but I'm having a blast with the modelling! I wanted to model Megamind's Spiderbot for my project (we have to model a robot), but my teacher insisted it was too complicated and I had to pick something else. I pouted and complained a bit, but I suppose he had a point. It's best to learn on a simpler model before moving on to the more complicated designs, and I think we all know the Spiderbot is certainly no simple model. :P So far I've completed two models: a servbot from Mega Man Legends, and Metal Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog games. I'm focusing on Metal Sonic because he's more complicated and impressive than the servbot and will make a much nicer finished piece when he's done. He looks so cool! Looks just like the official character. I've just finished UV mapping his mesh and on Monday we'll be texturizing our models. As soon as he's completed and animated, I'll put the video up on YouTube in case anyone wants to see it. Later on after I've learned a bit more maybe I can tackle the Spiderbot, but right now I'll focus on the basics. I want to model a few of my own creations too. Nothing's more impressive for a portfolio than a fully modeled and rendered original character, and I'm aiming to impress! After all, I want to wow potential employers, so I'm going to do all I can to make that happen. Wish me luck!

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